Revision History

We continuously update PrintCapture's graphics data processing engines (HPGL, PCL, and Epson) as we get more and more raw data files to work with. If you feel the data from your logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, or oscilloscope is not being converted to an image correctly, enable Keep Raw Data (Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Keep Raw Data), print the image again, and e-mail the raw data file, along with as much information as you can provide to help us troubleshoot the program, to

Note: PrintCapture 5.5.x requires a new registration key. If you have an existing PrintCapture 5.0.x, 4.x, 3.x, or 2.x installation you need a new registration key.

Version 5.5.0, dated July 15, 2017:

PrintCapture does a better job of running when its main window is minimized or hidden.

PrintCapture's progress window is now positioned according to whether the main windowow is minimized or not.

PrintCapture's task bar icon flashes when PrintCapture is minimized or hidden and a message box requires your attention.

Increased Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Controller configuration problem detection and reporting to help properly configure the controllers.

"HPGL Configuration Page" has a new combobox control for selecting a plotter model number. This will help with processing HPGL Output Commands.

Added a message box to notify you when PrintCapture is being closed. A new check box control has been added to the "Miscellaneous Configuration Page" to enable/disable this message box.

Added a "Stop..." button to the progress window when data is being received by one of the I/O interfaces. More information can be found in the End-of-Data Timeout settings in the on-line help.

Version 5.0.2, dated September 23, 2016:

Fixed potential buffer overflow problems.

WM_COPYDATA automation suppprts both Unicode and ASCII file names. See the on-line help for more information.

Increased accuracy for I/O interface's End-Of-Data Timeout calculations.

Version 5.0.1, dated July 28, 2016:

Fixed a bug that caused PriontCapture to crash on some Windows 10 systems.

Version 5.0.0, dated April 30, 2016:

Epson Processing:

*   Added support for drawing upper-range characters, which includes DOS Box Drawing characters.

*   Added new "Ignore Font Bold Cmd" control to the Epson Processoing Configuration Page. This is sometimes needed when upper-range characters and text are used on the same line.

HPGL Processing:

*   Fixed a bug in HPGL Character Plot (CP) command processing.

PCL Processing:

*   Added support for DOS Box Drawing characters.

*   Added new "Ignore Font Weight Cmd" control to the PCL Processoing Configuration Page. This is sometimes needed when DOS Box Drawing characters and text are used on the same line.

*   Added processing for a Lindos Audio Sequence device.

*   Added Horizontal Tab (HT) character processing.

*   Added Primary Font Weight 'ESC(s#B' command processing.

*   Expanded PCL Process Report to include any undefined PaintJet colors.

Text Processing:

*   Updated support for DOS Box Drawing characters.

Version 4.5.5, dated July 24, 2015:

PCL Processing: Updated support for a Teledyne Rodney Metals source device to also include just Rodney Metals source devices.

Version 4.5.4, dated June 16, 2015:

Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Interface: Fixed a problem that showed up with some versions of the Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Interface. PrintCapture would not accept any configuration settings for this interface.

Version 4.5.3, dated May 26, 2015:

PCL Processing: Added support for a Teledyne Rodney Metals source device. We only have a few raw data files to test with.

PCL Processing: Improved horizontal and vertical position processing for graph data.

Version 4.5.1, dated April 15, 2015:

PCL Processing: Updated support for Humphrey Field Analyzer raw data files that do not contain embedded soft fonts. Also updated detection of pure Text files.

Version 4.5.0, dated October 19, 2014:

Added support for Network Interface I/O. The Network Interface receives raw data files from an Ethernet enabled source device. See Setup> Configuration> Network Interface for configuration settings.

Updated command line option "/F" processing to: 1) process multiple "/F" commands, 2) process "/F" raw data file names with wildcards, and 3) process "/F" raw data files that contain multiple pages.

Added command line option "/NoPrologix" to stop the search for Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Controllers during startup. This was for a customer that was using PrintCapture automation.

Updated WM_COPDATA automation to: 1) process raw data file names with wildcards, and 2) process raw data files that contain multiple pages.

Version 4.4.1, dated July 25, 2014:

Installation: PrintCapture no longer installs on Windows 95, 98, ME, or NT.

PCL Processing: Added support for another Humphrey Field Analyzer raw data file format. The original Humphrey Field Analyzer raw data file (see Version 3.2.1, dated November 21, 2004) contained soft fonts embedded in the raw data file. This version processes Humphrey Field Analyzer raw data files without embedded soft fonts.

Miscellaneous Configuration Page: Added two Humphrey Field Analyzer controls to support Humphrey Field Analyzer raw data files without embedded soft fonts.

Version 4.3.1, dated February 13, 2014:

Verified support for Windows 8.1 running on a desktop computer. There is a user interface incompatibility. Please see online help> Known Problems and Limitations> Windows 8 Compatibility.

Fixed a problem with determining the initial working folder to eliminate problems with Shadow Folders and Virtual Store in Vista, Win7, and Win8.x.

Version 4.3.0, dated December 5, 2013:

Fixed a problem that showed up in Windows 7 where the current folder was not being scrolled into view when selecting a working folder.

Fixed a catastrophic error that showed up when selecting "OK" on the "HPGL Pen" configuration page and then selecting "Yes" on the "No I/O interface selected" message box.

HPGL Processing: Fixed a problem with Label (LB) strings and embedded carriage-returns and line-feeds.

HPGL Processing: Added processing for PCL Perforation Skip command and treated it as if it is an HPGL Advance Full Page command.

HPGL Processing: Added processing for undocumented codes embedded in Label (LB) strings that start and stop font-based underlines.

HPGL Processing: Changed the method of preprocessing HPGL data to improve creation of the image file.

Version 4.2.7, dated July 15, 2013:

Fixed an initialization problem that showed up when PrintCapture was started with a maximized window. In these cases, PrintCapture did no complete its start-up initialization.

Added a new Setup> Delete Configuration... menu item to delete a user defined configuration setting.

Added a status bar CONFIG pane to display the currently selected user defined configuration setting. The CONFIG pane text is limited to 15 characters.

Image Processing Configuration Page: Added a new control to automatically replace an image file without user notification. See the online help for more information.

Serial Port Configuration Page: The number of enumerated serial ports has been increased to 100.

Version 4.2.5, dated March 5, 2013:

Some Windows 7, and possibly some Windows Vista systems, were experiencing start-up initialization problems. It appears that on these systems PrintCapture was not able to save its settings in the Registry. We added code to detect the Registry access problem, display a notification message during start-up, and then use an INI file for storing its settings. Using an INI file for storing program settings is considered "bad form" by just about everyone.


This problem appears to be related to the advanced security settings for a user. Especially in the Registry permissions settings for a user that can be seen with the Registry Editor. You may have to use your IT personnel to help resolve this issue. More information can be found in PrintCapture's on-line help topic "PrintCapture Settings Storage Location" in the "Known Problems and Limitations Page".

Version 4.2.4, dated January 21, 2013:

HPGL Processing: Added Input Relative P1 and P2 (IR) and Character Slant (SL) command processing.

Version 4.2.3, dated October 16, 2012:

Revisited status bar pane text drawing. The status bar panes were sometimes not being updated correctly on some Vista and Windows 7 systems.

National Instruments GPIB Interface: Verified the operation of NI's NI-488.2 version 3.0.2 device driver on Windows 7.

Version 4.2.2, dated September 20, 2012:

Redesigned installation program. It was creating problems in some Windows Vista and Windows 7 installations.

Text processing: Added processing for DOS Box Drawing characters in pure Text data files.

PCL Processing: Added support for an undocumented Simple Color Command (ESC*r0U).

Revisited status bar pane text drawing. The status bar panes were sometimes not being updated correctly on some Vista and Windows 7 systems.

National Instruments GPIB Interface: The first data transfer after an NI GPIB-USB-HS interface is powered up would sometimes fail because of 'garbage' data in the interface. This problem has been fixed.

National Instruments GPIB Interface Setup: Added an edit control for the GPIB DLL version information.

Fixed a Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Controller interface shutdown problem.

Fixed a problem with user defined sequence numbers and automatic increments in image file names..

Version 4.1.1, dated June 12, 2012:

Extended release version timeout from 3 days to 5 days.

PCL Processing: Updated Configure Image Data command processing. This is the first time we have seen this command data.

Version 4.1.0, dated April 24, 2012:

Added support for Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Controllers.

Version 4.0.6, dated October 1, 2011:

Fixed a memory leak.

Version 4.0.4, dated June 4, 2011:

Added PrintCapture automation using command line options. See Command_Line_Options.pdf for documentation and use of the supported command line options.

Version 4.0.3, dated March 19, 2011:

Epson Processing: Improved processing for Epson 9-pin printers.

Version 4.0.2, dated February 26, 2011:

Added PrintCapture automation using the WM_COPYDATA Windows message. See WM_COPYDATA_Automation.pdf for documentation and use of the WM_COPYDATA Windows message.

HPGL Processing: Added more processing for Rotate Coordinate System (RO) command processing. Some HPGL files were being 'cut-off' when the image was rotated 90 degrees.

Version 4.0.1, dated October 15, 2010:

Epson Processing: Added a new user control to the Epson Configuration Page at Setup> Configuration> Epson Processing to resize an Epson image according to a scale value instead of an absolute value.

Version 4.0.0, dated August 6, 2010:

Finally added Windows Vista and Windows 7 support! PrintCapture should install and run on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. However, the older versions of Windows (95, 98, Me, and NT 4.0) are no longer actively supported by us. Windows 2000 is marginal. We have tested PrintCapture on Vista Home Premium 32-bit and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The other versions of Vista and Windows 7 should be OK.

Per a customer request, we added support for file names based on the Date and Time. The file names have the form "YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS".

Fixed startup messages so their message boxes are displayed after the main window appears and not before.

Version 3.2.24, dated May 16, 2010:

HPGL Processing: Complete rewrite of the HPGL processing engine to support multiple scaling commands.

Version 3.2.23, dated March 5, 2009:

HPGL Processing: Added a new user control to the Miscellaneous Page at Setup> Configuration> Miscellaneous to enable the construction of an HPGL Output Command log file. This log file should help in troubleshooting HPGL Output Command (OE, OI, OP, etc.) processing.

PCL Processing: Fixed a soft font problem that showed up in Humphrey Field Analyzer data files. This problem caused an extra character to be displayed in Total Deviation and Pattern Deviation tests. Added processing for more PCL commands related to color image processing.

Version 3.2.22, dated May 2, 2008:

General: The "Print_Capture.pcw" file location has been changed from PrintCapture's installation folder to PrintCapture's working folder. Too many customers were installing PrintCapture in an administrator's folder but using logon users without administrative privileges. As a result PrintCapture couldn't create the "Print_Capture.pcw" file.

Epson Processing: Added a new configuration setup control to force graphics data carriage-return and line-feed to be treated as a carriage-return or line-feed only. This control was needed to fix a problem with NovaTech D/3 and/or PC/3 software. Please see the online help for more information.

HPGL Processing: Added code to process text strings that contain backspace (\b) characters. Increased test buffer because some HPGL files were failing the test for determining if the raw data is HPGL data.

PCL Processing: Image resolution is now determined from soft font resolution, PCL image resolution, or user defined image resolution. Please see the Image Processing> Resolution online help for more information.

Progress Window: Added another status text control to display the End-of-Data Timeout countdown. This new control was needed because of the increase in the serial port's End-of-Data Timeout value.

Working Folder: Added a new "Make New Folder" button to the "Browse for Folder" dialog box when selecting a Working Folder for PrintCapture. The new dialog box also includes some new capabilities like resize capability. The new capabilities are used only when the Windows' system DLLs support them.

Serial Interface: Increased the End-of-Data Timeout values from 35.0 seconds to 360.0 seconds to meet a customer's requirements.

Version 3.2.21, dated October 4, 2007:

HPGL Processing: Fixed a problem processing a Character Plot (CP) command that contains no parameters.

Version 3.2.20, dated September 8, 2007:

HPGL Processing: there was so much trouble processing HPGL Output Commands ("Ox" commands) in real-time that we had to add a new control to Setup> Configuration> HPGL Processing> Special HPGL Command Processing named "Force Output Command Processing". More information about this control, and the logic behind its use, can be found in the online help.

Version 3.2.19, dated July 6, 2007:

HPGL Processing: Added a new "HPGL Pens" configuration page. This new configuration page took over the HPGL pen colors and added new controls so you can change the widths for each HPGL pen.

HPGL Processing: Added user notification when there is a configuration conflict between using a GPIB address of Listen Only (Setup> Configuration> GPIB Interface> GPIB Interface> Address) and processing HPGL Output Commands (Setup> Configuration> HPGL Processing> Special HPGL Command Processing> Process Output Commands). More information is available in the online help file.

Version 3.2.18, dated May 21, 2007:

Epson Processing: Added Reverse Paper Feed command processing for printers that print data in one color, backup the paper, print data in another color, backup the paper, etc. until the entire image has been printed. Added filters for some unknown Epson commands. Added processing for superscript and subscript characters. Added processing for upper range characters that are generally used for drawing text-mode graphics. Improved font creation.

Version 3.2.17, dated March 14, 2007:

General: Expanded message box messages and included message box location codes to make it easier to find the message box in the source code.

HPGL Processing: Fixed a bug in processing a Plot Relative command when it occurs before a Plot Absolute command. Fixed a bug in real-time processing of HPGL "Ox" commands that sometimes cause the "Ox" command to not be recognized. Let us know if your configuration is not processing the output commands correctly.

Version 3.2.16, dated January 5, 2007:

Installation: Added a dialog box to the installation to alert the user that the search for a previous installation could take a long time. The user has the option to skip the search.

HPGL Processing: Added real-time processing for all HPGL "Ox" output commands. This is our first attempt so there may still be work to be done. Let us know if your configuration is not processing the output commands correctly.

PCL Processing: Added detection and user notification for undefined PaintJet style colors. Added 'PCL Paintjet" to the conversion report message. Added "PCL PaintJet" to "Help/Last Conversion Info...".

Version 3.2.14, dated October 23, 2006:

PCL Processing: Fixed a bug in line-feed (LF) processing. An unusual data format caused some text data to be overlaid with some graphics data.

Version 3.2.13, dated October 3, 2006:

Pure Text Processing: Added capability to append pure Text data to a common text file. See the two new controls in Setup> Configuration> Text Processing.

Version 3.2.12, dated September 7, 2006:

HPGL Processing: Refined HPGL file detection. Some Text files were being mistakenly identified as HPGL files.

Version 3.2.11, dated May 26, 2006:

PCL Processing: Improved color processing for KCMY (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) encoded raw data files. Fixed a bug in processing Seed-Row Encoded raw data files.

Modified configuration settings so both serial and GPIB interfaces can be set to "NONE". It used to be that one or the other of these interfaces had to be set to something other than "NONE". Now it is up to you (the user) to make sure that either a serial port or a GPIB port (but not both) is selected in order to receive data from your test equipment. This is to aid laptop users that don't have either a serial or GPIB interface installed on their machine.

Version 3.2.10, dated March 5, 2006:

PCL Processing: Added first attempt at decoding Seed-Row Encoded data. We had a very limited number of raw data files to work with and a very limited amount of data using Seed-Row Encoding so there is probably still some work to do.

Pure Text Processing: Added some new controls to the "Text Processing" configuration page so pure text files can be converted to a .TXT file instead of a graphics image. PrintCapture acts more as a data logger than a conversion program in this mode.

Version 3.2.9, dated February 10, 2006:

HPGL Processing: Now all Pen Down (PD) commands result in a "dot" being plotted on the image, just like a real plotter would do.

Pure Text Processing: A New "Text Processing" configuration page has been added to Setup> Configuration to allow you to select a font specifically for text files. also added some controls so that you can select "Carriage-Return Implies Line-Feed" or "Line-Feed Implies Carriage-Return" to better process text files whose lines end in only a carriage-return or line-feed instead of carriage-return / line-feed combinations.

Version 3.2.8, dated November 2, 2005:

HPGL Processing: Added a configuration option to enable or disable an automatic pen up for Character Plot (CP) command processing. More information can be found in the online help. This modification was needed to process the cursor markers from an HP3577A Network Analyzer.

Filename Entry: Removed the '.' character from the filename filter. Now filenames can contain the '.' character.

Version 3.2.7, dated August 30, 2005:

Epson and PCL Processing: Fixed a bug that showed up when "Multiple Pages" was selected and the raw data file was incomplete or corrupted. This condition could cause PrintCapture to hang.

Version 3.2.6, dated August 29, 2005:

Serial Interface: Added more End-of-Data Processing timeout values. A customer needed about 30 seconds for his equipment.

Fixed a bug that showed up when "File/Open..." was used to open a binary file (e.g. BMP) when "Multiple Pages" was selected. A binary file can't have multiple pages.

Epson Processing: Added font underline processing. Added another type of 24-pin file processing. Added absolute horizontal position processing. Fixed a bug in condensed font processing. Fixed a bug in graphics data line spacing that showed up in very specific command sequences. Added support for raw data files that contained both 8-pin and 24-pin graphics data.

Version 3.2.5, dated July 20, 2005:

PCL Processing: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused PCL data to be misidentified as Epson data.

HPGL Processing: Added processing to display a dot on the image file when the command sequence "PD;PU;" (pen down/pen up) is detected.

GPIB Interface: Added a read-only control to the GPIB Interface configuration page that displays the company name from the GPIB-32.DLL installed. If the company name is not "National Instruments" then the GPIB interface is disabled.

Version 3.2.4, dated April 18, 2005:

PCL Processing: Improved soft font processing.

Text Processing: Added multiple page processing. Improved carriage-return and line feed processing.

Version 3.2.3, dated April 5, 2005:

PCL Processing: Added support for the Hewlett-Packard PaintJet Color Graphics Printer. Be sure to read the online help topic "PaintJet Data Processing" and the new "PaintJet Color Table.pdf" file.

Epson Processing: Increased a buffer size to detect Epson files with up to 25000 bytes of text before graphics data starts.

Version 3.2.2, dated February 24, 2005:

Epson Processing: Modified 24-pin printhead processing to give a more accurate rendering of the data. Increased a buffer size to detect Epson files with up to 16000 bytes of text before graphics data starts.

Version 3.2.1, dated November 21, 2004:

PCL processing: Almost completely rewritten to support soft fonts found in Humphrey Field Analyzers. Also processes more cursor position commands so you may see more white space in your images.

GPIB Interface: Fixed a bug that caused some Win2K systems to crash. This problem generally showed up when a Win2K system used an older National Instruments NI-488.2 device driver.

Version 3.1.3, dated October 9, 2004:

HPGL processing: Replaced the radio button font selection with a font selection dialog box. You can select a font but the font size and font style are not used in HPGL processing.

HPGL processing: Fixed a text processing bug that showed up in some very unique HPGL command structures. This bug kept you from adjusting the text size.

HPGL processing: Added HPGL "OE" output command processing.

Added a read-only edit box to the Store and Restore Configuration dialog boxes to display the name of the last configuration you saved or restored.

Version 3.1.2, dated September 26, 2004:

HPGL processing: Improved 'CS' command processing to handle multi-digit character set numbers. Also improved character mapping in some of the character sets.

TEXT processing: Added capability to map a character to another character using a user-defined translation file named "XlatText.txt". More information can be found in the online help under the heading "Translating Characters".

Version 3.1.1, dated September 3, 2004:

Epson processing: Fixed a bug found in processing some types of Epson color data.

Fixed an omission in the online help that indicated that multiple page processing was available only with Epson and HPGL data. Multiple page processing is also available with PCL data.

Version 3.1.0, dated July 14, 2004:

HPGL processing: Added processing for "UC" (user-defined character) command.

PCL processing: Added code to detect and process multiple pages within a PCL source file. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Image Processing> Multiple Pages.

Added code to generate conversion reports based on the last Epson, HPGL, or PCL conversion. The report is displayed from the Help menu.

Added *.hpg, *.pgl, *.plt filters to "file open" dialog boxes.

Changed the use of "Auto Close". It can now be used as a separate control instead of being tied to "Auto Print". See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Image Processing> Auto Close and Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Print Processing> Auto Print.

Added a new "Auto Delete" control to Configuration> Image Processing so an image's data file can be automatically deleted at the same time the image is automatically closed (see "Auto Close").

Added a new "Print Title" control to Configuration> Image Processing> Print Processing to enable/disable printing the image's title (file name) when the image is printed.

Version 3.0.4, dated July 14, 2004:

Epson processing. Fixed a problem that sometimes showed up when processing raw data files with multiple pages.

HPGL processing. Fixed a bug in "SI;" command processing. Strengthened HPGL2 file detection.

Version 3.0.3, dated June 29, 2004:

Epson processing. Added "automatic image rotation" capability. See Setup> Configuration> Epson Processing> Image Rotation Clockwise.

PCL processing. Added "automatic image rotation" capability. See Setup> Configuration> PCL Processing> Image Rotation Clockwise.

HPGL processing. Added processing for the HPGL "OS" output command (see Setup> Configuration> HPGL Processing> Process Output Commands). The "OS" command requests the plotter status information from PrintCapture. This modification was added to support an HP8753B but the customer that requested it never returned our emails to verify that the modification worked. If you use PrintCapture with an HP8753B and HPGL would you let us know?

Version 3.0.2, dated May 27, 2004:

Improved Epson data detection. One customer has an Epson file with about 12000 text characters before the graphics data and the raw data from his equipment was not being recognized as Epson, HPGL, PCL or Text data.

Version 3.0.1, dated May 23, 2004:

Improved Epson, HPGL, and PCL data detection. In some cases the raw data from the test equipment was not being recognized as Epson, HPGL, PCL or Text data.

The improved Epson and PCL data detection now handles data from an HP54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.

Version 3.0.0, dated April 30, 2004:

Added an I/O interface for National Instruments GPIB interfaces that use National Instruments' NI-488.2 device driver. NI's NI-488.2 device driver and GPIB interface must already be installed and working on your computer before it can be used by PrintCapture. See Setup> Configuration> GPIB Interface for more information.


Note: If you want to test your National Instruments GPIB interface you can download our National Instruments test program and try it out. This test program uses the same NI interface that we put in PrintCapture 3.x. The test program is not installed and does not modify your system at all. However, it does generate a report file that you can send back to us. Be sure to read the "readme.txt" file for more information.

Updated HPGL processing to handle HPGL data from a Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer.

Version 2.9.5, dated April 11, 2004:

Updated Epson processing to include Color0 (the background color) so one of our customers could change the background color of his Epson color images.

Updated Epson processing to handle graphics data that terminates with a carriage-return but no line-feed.

Version 2.9.4, dated March 15, 2004:

Updated support for multiple pages in an Epson data file. One of our customers sent us a raw data file with a little different data format.

Version 2.9.3, dated March 11, 2004:

Updated Epson processing to handle some 24-pin print head data files. The other 24-pin Epson files will be easy to add once we receive some sample files.

Updated Epson processing to handle the Seiko DPU-411 Thermal Printer data generated by Tektronix TDS oscilloscopes. We stumbled across this capability when we were looking at adding processing for Epson 9-pin data files. The DPU-411 uses a variation of the 9-pin data format.

Updated Epson processing to handle Epson color data. See Setup> Configuration> Epson Processing to see how you can change the colors that are used.

Updated Epson processing to support multiple pages in a single data file. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Image Processing> Multiple Pages.

Version 2.9.2, dated January 26, 2004:

Updated Epson processing to handle Master Select and Line Spacing commands. Generally, Line Spacing commands are used to move a printer's print head a fraction of the print head's physical size resulting in over-printing data. Before these commands were processed some Epson images would have roughly the same data in the vertical axis from one graphics line to the next.

Version 2.9.1, dated December 22, 2003:

Improved support for USB-to-serial converters. This includes a new control at Setup> Configuration> Serial Port> Flow Control to select "Automatic" or "Manual" flow control. See the FAQ I want to use a USB-to-serial converter. Will this work with PrintCapture? for more information on USB-to-serial converters.

Updated PCL processing to handle the illegal commands that were present in the data generated by an HP8510C Network Analyzer.

Version 2.9.0, dated December 3, 2003:

Updated PCL processing. Added the capability for the user to select the font used for processing text in a PCL file. This also required a new method of creating the image. See Setup> Configuration> PCL Processing> Select Font for more information.

Improved Epson processing to filter out an unknown command that was present in an Epson file that a user sent to us.

Changed "Epson Command Codes (*.ecc)" to "Epson Standard Codes (*.esc)" in all file filters for dialog boxes. "Epson Standard Codes" is the term used in the Epson documentation.

Version 2.8.6, dated November 17, 2003:

Fixed a bug in version 2.8.5 where under some conditions a PCL file could be mistaken for an Epson file. This resulted in a processing error message box that stated "This file contains data for a 48-pin print head...".

Version 2.8.5, dated November 13, 2003:

Added capability to process HPGL output command "OP;" and transmit a response back to the test equipment. See the online help on HPGL Processing for more information.

Improved Epson processing. Started processing Epson 'ESC J' and 'ESC \' commands and changed the way CR and LF are processed.

Added "Epson Command Codes (*.ecc)" to all file filters for dialog boxes.

Version 2.8.4, dated October 17, 2003:

Added XON/XOFF software flow control for serial handshaking. See Setup> Configuration> Serial Port> Handshake.

Improved HPGL text processing. Added HPGL "CS" command processing.

Improved PCL text processing and positioning. Added "ESC&a#C" and "ESC&a#R" command processing.

Increased the maximum serial port timeout from 12.0 seconds to 15.0 seconds. See Setup> Configuration> Serial Port> End-of-Data Processing. One of our customers has a real ssslllooowww piece of equipment and it takes a long time for it to crunch its data and send it to PrintCapture.

Version 2.8.3, dated September 24, 2003:

Increased the maximum serial port timeout from 10.0 seconds to 12.0 seconds. See Setup> Configuration> Serial Port> End-of-Data Processing.

Version 2.8.2, dated September 9, 2003:

Improved Epson text processing when text occurs on the same line as graphics data.

Version 2.8.1, dated July 1, 2003:

Updated installation program.

Version 2.8.0, dated May 27, 2003:

Improved HPGL text processing and positioning.

HPGL processing now detects over large images and automatically scales the image. A message box is displayed that notifies you (the user) of this operation.

Fixed a problem where, under some circumstances, you could have two windows of the same image file open at the same time.

Added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the online help file that closely duplicates the information in this web page.

Version 2.7.5, dated April 25, 2003:

Removed the "COMx detected a break condition" warning message that was reported with some test equipment. As it turns out break signals can be safely ignored.

Improved HPGL processing. Some HPGL files were not being recognized as HPGL files.

Improved HPGL processing. Data files with multiple scaling commands (IP and/or SC commands) are detected and a message box is displayed announcing that these files cannot be processed by PrintCapture.

Improved PCL processing. Some PCL files were not being processed correctly and this resulted in a "There was an error trying to set the file pointer" error message.

Version 2.7.4, dated April 17, 2003:

The HPGL data from some oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, or spectrum analyzers do not contain any scaling commands (IP or SC commands). Typically the data contains scaling commands to define the X and Y axis data limits. However, the data from some test equipment does not contain this information and instead relies on the default settings in PrintCapture to define the limits. The problem is that some test equipment expects the data limits to be portrait mode (Y axis is larger than X axis) and others expect the limits to be in landscape mode (X axis is larger than Y axis). PrintCapture now has a new control in its HPGL Processing dialog box (Setup> Configuration> HPGL Processing> Default Orientation) for you to set the default orientation.


For most test equipment the new control will have no effect on HPGL processing. But there is no way to tell without processing the HPGL data. If information appears to be missing in either the right or bottom of your image you may want to select the other mode (portrait or landscape) and try again.

Version 2.7.3, dated March 21, 2003:

The data from some customers included multiple pages, or plots, in their HPGL data. PrintCapture can now parse the data and create a separate image for each page. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Image Processing> Multiple Pages and the online help.

Added the capability to automatically close an image after it has been automatically printed. Some of our customers were using PrintCapture to automatically print a new image but they let PrintCapture run for hours in this mode without ever closing an image. Eventually PrintCapture used so much system memory that Windows began to noticeably slow down. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Print Processing> Auto Close and the online help.

Version 2.7.0, dated January 11, 2003:

You can now select BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF, or TGA as your default image type. For example, if you have selected PCX as your default image type all images created will be saved as PCX files. A new status bar indicator has also been added to display your current selection. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Image Processing> Default Image Type.

Improved handling the condition of creating an image file that already exists. Now you have a choice of replacing the existing file or selecting a new file name.

Improved the creation of PCX and TIF files.

Improved handling of Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files. EPS files can be saved but they can't be loaded or displayed.

Fixed a problem saving images as BMP RLE images.

Version 2.6.2, dated December 28, 2002:

PrintCapture will now install and run on Windows Me. However, support for Windows Me is limited because we don't have access to a Windows Me machine for testing.

Version 2.6.1, dated November 21, 2002:

Added a new "Use User Sequence Number" control to Setup> Configuration> Image Processing. This control gives you the capability to set your own starting sequence number when auto-incrementing file names.

Version 2.6.0, dated October 15, 2002:

Windows XP is now supported. PrintCapture has only been tested on XP Professional - but it should install and run just fine on XP Home Edition.

Modified image printing so it uses as much of the paper as possible in both portrait and landscape mode. Also added 'automatic printing', print scaling, and printer orientation selection. See Setup> Configuration> Image Processing> Print Processing.

HPGL processing: Added some very basic processing for Label Origin (LO), Rotate Coordinate System (RO), and Tick Length (TL, XT, and YT) commands. The Tick Length commands are commands that some flatbed plotters (HP7470A, HP7550A, etc.) understand but are apparently obsolete commands.

PCL processing: Started processing text within a PCL file.

Epson Processing: Added more text command processing and improved the handling of Horizontal Tab (HT), Carriage Return (CR), and Line Feed (LF) characters for positioning both text and graphics data. Also changed the way some of the graphics data is displayed.Note: If you are using Epson data, the chances are good that your new images will be different than your old images.

Version 2.5.1, dated July 10, 2002:

Added a little more capability to PrintCapture's "pure" text file processing. All NUL (0x00) characters that are present in some printer outputs are now ignored.

Version 2.5.0, dated June 30, 2002:

Fixed some problems creating fonts and rendering text from HPGL commands. To aid in the font creation, new controls were added to the "HPGL Processing" configuration page (Setup> Configuration> HPGL Processing).

Added Epson ESC/P Control Code processing. A new "Epson Processing" tab was added to Setup> Configuration to support font selection and automatic image resizing.

Added "Store Configuration..." and "Restore Configuration..." menu items to the "Setup" menu. Use these dialog boxes to store, and restore, configurations for your test equipment. For example, if you use both a Tek 430A 'scope and an HP8714B RF Network Analyzer, you can save a configuration named "Tek 430A" and another one named "HP 8714B". When you need to switch back and forth between the two, just restore its configuration. Now there is no need to remember the best settings for your test equipment.

Version 2.4.0, dated May 29, 2002:

Improved color PCL processing.

Added a "PCL Processing" tab to Setup> Configuration to support PCL color selection and automatic PCL resizing.

Added a "Resize Image..." dialog box to both the "Edit" menu and the popup context menu.

Version 2.3.0, dated May 17, 2002:

Improved PCL command processing and added limited color PCL processing.

Version 2.2.0, dated April 26, 2002:

The HPGL/2 command processing is pretty much complete. There are a few HPGL/2 commands that aren't implemented because they make no sense when creating a bitmap.

PrintCapture now processes the output from Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based test instruments when they are printed using one of Hewlett-Packard's HPGL/2 plotter drivers (Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 or HP7550 Plus). Windows 95 and Windows 98 don't include the HPGL/2 plotter drivers - they include HPGL plotter drivers. See PrintCapture's limitations for more information.

Version 2.1.2, dated April 11, 2002:

Fixed a bug that kept PCL files from being recognized. This was a bug that slipped into version 2.1.1 while we were adding more HPGL command processing.

Version 2.1.1, dated April 7, 2002:

Added an 8th color pen for HPGL plots. Some test instruments refer to 8 pens (0-7) and some instruments refer to 9 pens (0-8). Pen 0 is always considered 'white' (no color), so we added another pen to be able to process up to 8 different color pens.

Version 2.1.0, dated April 1, 2002:

Greatly improved HPGL plot command processing. PrintCapture does a good job of processing the output from Windows 95- and Windows 98-based test instruments when they are printed using one of Hewlett-Packard's HPGL plotter drivers (HP7470A, HP7475A, HP7550A, HP7580A, HP7580B, HP7585A, HP7585B, or HP7586B). Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP don't include the HPGL plotter drivers - they include HPGL/2 plotter drivers. See PrintCapture's limitations for more information.

Improved HPGL scaling. The image height and width can now be scaled up or down. The image's aspect ratio can also be maintained during scaling.

Added capability to trim the white space from all four edges of an image to decrease the image's size.

Version 2.0.0, dated December 16, 2001:

First version released.

Designed primarily to interface with a CRT-based logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, or digital oscilloscope. It has limited PCL and HPGL command processing.

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